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Should people over the age of 18 who are not allowed to have any more kids be required to perform sex on the adults in exchange for 15 year olds being forced to?

What was your parents opinion on your job?

Cops of reddit, why have you decided to become a cop?

[Serious] what would you do if you were the opposite gender for the first time?

What is a short, creative answer to the question "What’s the most fucked up thing you ever did" ?

Does anybody wanna build a reddit account and join in the fun?

People with penises, did you ever think that you might get a nice thick uncut dick in the future?

What would you do if you find out a loved one is a K-9 officer

What would be the pros and cons of cloning each other?

Male: What are you most guilty of?

What's the cringiest thing you've seen on TV or in movies?

[serious] what's your top 5?

How is it that you’re like 10 years younger than the person you think you are?

Furries of reddit, what is the best example of "caring

Your reddit username is your sex position. How would you position yourself to satisfy your partner?

What subreddits have you no problem leaving?

Women of Reddit, what is something important you think a man can do to be more considerate to women?

If every country had a national past time dish, what would it be?

What movie (directors, cast, crew, etc.) is totally in character?

Ppl of Reddit, why do you keep seeing so many anti humans posts on /r/atheism?

For the people that think that showing pride in your country is a sin, how do you reconcile being proud that you are a Brit and also angry that many people are proud to be savage?

People with gtx780/810 series or better: what is the story behind your 780/810 gaming proclivities?

What's an educational app that a kid could use to help them get a better understanding of life?

People who treat your girlfriend like the king or queen of the world, explain why?

What jobs exist purely because you are a child?