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You are the opposite gender version of a celebrity, and your name is who you are known as. How would your life be different?

People who moved to Ohio, did you do it for the culture, or because of the work?

Cat people of Reddit, has the cat world disappointed you? If so, how?

What are some really underrated good artist to listen to?

In a game called "Simon Says", who says the funniest say-so?

What is one thing you regret about your childhood?

What do you think about using drones to repopulate Congress?

Redditors who are deaf, what language do you normally think in and do you ever get confused?

How do people with huge phobias, strong stomachs, and antisocial personalities, adjust to a modern world that doesn't allow for outside stimuli? How do you live knowing that you're not the only one?

Men, what are some things a woman can do to make your day a lot easier?

How do you feel about crocs wearing for women?

(NSFW) What is the most non-sexual thing your vagina has ever done to you?

What did you get from childhood that kids today might never have?

People of Reddit, have you ever been attracted to a family member, and how did it happen?

What innocent item turns out to be an extremely powerful weapon?

What is the best present you could give someone, and why?

What’s the most “I’m letting you down” thing you’ve ever heard?

[Serious] what are the most interesting Twitter fights you've seen between different users?

What would you do if you find out a person that you thought was out of your league is actually your friend?

Redditors who have actually hurt someone, how do you do it?

What is the most awkward thing you've done with a celebrity girlfriend?

Teachers of reddit, what are some of the dumbest askreddit questions you’ve ever sent to an intern?

Gamers of reddit, have you ever had a "thing" that made you cry like a teenager?

What were your best times crying

Parents of reddit, what is the best thing your child has done that you are proud of ?