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What is one lesson your parents taught you as a kid that has stuck with you?

What was your most cringe "but what if..." moment?

Guys, what female character has the best ass in the cartoon world?

People who support Trump and voted for Obama in 2016, but aren't voting for Trump in 2020, why?

If your life was a song, what would be the song title?

How do you guys feel about a war with rad on reddit?

What are your favourite moments from this pandemic?

How would you feel about a "Burger Boss" who sits at his computer in the office and farts?

Now that Chicago has won the war, what do you think will be the name of the new police department?

People who were intimate with animals as kids, how did it turn out?

Trump supporters,

How do you think the world would be different if Hitler was a billionaire today?

To all the girls on Reddit, what is something guys really don’t know about you?

What is your favourite Nsfw trope?

In 2019, the movie "Taken" will be released. The main character is a private eye who exclusively polishes his gun shooting skills. What is his route to becoming a cop?

His one and only excrement is all you need to suck on. Where to find it?

What was the best way you’ve ever mentally prepared for something?

People with penises, what’s the best time to tell a penis jokes?

What is a valid fear that most people have?

[Serious] what's the most ridiculous thing a police officer has said or done?

Teachers of Reddit what's the funniest thing an angry kid has done?

Are you completely out of the religious/the occult? If so, how?

what game/movie ruined it for you?

Who is the most evil-looking person you know?

If every country had a national catch phrase or slogan, what would it be?