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Who are some good parents out there?

Men of all ages, have you ever been attracted to a chubby girl? What's your story?

People who are against "net neutrality", explain why?

You've got 2 hours to photograph a mythical creature. What do you do?

What would you do if you found out a person of the opposite sex was impotent?

People who have had a near-death experience, what happened?

What if there was a time machine and you had to create a timeline just to see how the world would change after you destroyed the first timeline?

Twitter is divided into three sections — 'Life', 'Bad Luck' and 'Luck'. What if all three were divided into 'lil luck' and 'blessed luck' sections?

Whats the most harmless thing a stranger has done to you?

The organizers of this year's challenge have chosen a song to use as the intro to the rest of the month. What is the chosen song?

What do you think about Trump's comments about women?

[Serious] Trump voters, who will you be voting for in the next election cycle?

TL;DR; Girls don't cry and Boys get excited by Boys Suck(when did this even come up). What other unexplainable things do you think exist?

What is a movie that when read backwards, makes you feel old?

What is the best 3-6-7 in one day?

What is the best/most interesting thing about your last meal?

People who voted

What is your opinion on most anything on the internet?

Hey Redditors, why are you so obsessive with finding that perfect kitchen/dining/working environment?

[Serious] why people are still against free speech ?

What movie was so good it made you cry like crazy?

What would be the best dating advice Reddit has ever given?

People who swear in secret, why?

Ya know when they say everyone is stubborn, but you can always do better than your self?

When was the last time you got a karmas best friend?