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What could happen to the USA if Trump wins re-election and passes tax cuts for the rich and corporations?

Artists of Reddit, what are some creative quoting-related problems you've faced?

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What are American states that are generally pro-life with one exception ?

Aunt Jemima's in league with devil and her family to keep blacks in bondage like in the cartoon "white trash" routine. What are some things that black people in America need to do to be "good" in a "revenge of the clams" situation?

Given the hateful propaganda being pumped out by the Trump administration, what’s the last straw?

What would you do if you find out a person that you thought was out of your league suddenly outsmarts you?

First why are you so angry?

Dog owners of Reddit, if your dog

People who work in Healthcare, what was the most shocking case of Blue Shirt, Red Flag, or White Flag you have encountered?

The next time you are at a friends house partying, tell them who your crush is. If she is your crush, how would you celebrate that perfect night?

People of reddit who have more

What’s something you would be willing to bet your house is worth in the next 10 years?

What’s something that you've seen many times but never actually done?

Are there any threats to the existence of the United States that you are uncharacteristically alarmed by?

Take us back to one moment in time. What would it be?

What do you feel is the most progressive country in the world?

What is one thing your parents made you do for your birthday?

What was the best conversation you ever had with your crush?

Scientists of reddit, what are some promising projects you hope the public knows about?

What is your take on the Corona virus and how dangerous is it?

You're one of three people (called counsellors, therapists, etc) to undergo elective surgery at a

It's 7:30 at night and my phone is dead. Thinking about it, what should i do?

What non-sexual thing

What's something you would never do in real life?