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People who had a difficult time with their parents, how did you deal with them?

What would be a 5 episode miniseries about a fictional universe?

What do you hate that so many people love?

Why can't people agree that $1 is too low?

Redditors with and girls after them, what are the odds that you will be caught in a compromising situation during your next relationship?

[serious] students of reddit, have you ever had a close friend or anyone in your life have a "close friend" as in a genuine friend, someone who has a real friendship with you, and you can never have them back ?

Is it true that there is such a thing as a generational divide when it comes to White House correspondents?

People of reddit that were ranked #1 in high school and still are, whats it like?

Your username is your superpower. How high is your power?

The most underrated game you ever played?

People who are gay and have an actual gay friend, what is it like?

Racist trolls are like prison guards - they keep a watchful eye on everyone else but never on you. How do you get through their constant barrage of abuse?

Whats the most racist thing a teacher has ever done to you?

People of Reddit with a photographic memory. How well are you holding up?

People who have actually had sex with a family member, how did it feel like?

For the people who use Bingo cards, what is the best Bingo card you have ever won?

Men of reddit, do you like it when girls make "manscaping motions" on the tops of your penis while you're fingering them? Why or why not?

How do you feel about the fact that men are shit at math?

People of Reddit who have an account on Clever. How is the experience?

If we lived on the moon then why haven't we colonised another planet?

Professors of Reddit: What did an actual “real life example of” made you think “this isn’t a dream job”?

What are some jokes so dark that they terrify?

What is the most wholesome thing a stranger has done to you?

What is your least favorite thing about your hometown?

What's the longest distance you've ever beenjured in combat?