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How would you feel about an API that would let companies log into people's accounts and access their information without their knowledge?

People with fat parents, how does it make you feel being surrounded by fat people and having to show them how awesome you feel by making them eat cereal with a fork?

My roommate informed me he had a "catch phrase" for the quiet times, things become extremely loud when someone is about to say something hurtful/unfair. How do I deal with this?

"People of Reddit, why do you like it?" asks the guy next to you as he sips his iced tea?

Your Reddit username is now your last words. How has your life changed?

What’s something that sounds like total BS but is actually true?

People that have experienced a Creepy Party, what did you think happened?

If you could go back and add anything from the first 100 episodes of The Simpsons to the 21st century, what would it be?

Gamers of Reddit, what are some AAA Games that are a lot darker than most people think?

What is your best mating advice?

What do you feel is the most dangerous word your tongue can ever utter?

Redditors from 2020, what is your prediction for 2020?

WWE NXT has a bit of everything, and it doesn’t stop there! What is a new and awesome WWE product that you guys just had to know about?

What's something you own that if you own it too much, it would be a dangerous situation?

People who are self depreciating, how do you

What food can you bring to an office holiday part that actually satisfies?

Men, why do you usually prioritize sex over other needs in life?

Ex-atheists, what made you

What was the biggest mistake you made as a child that you can’t believe has affected your life the way it does?

What is the scariest memory from your childhood?

If your life was a musical, what is the title of the song?

Do you prefer live or on-demand? Why?

What are signs of sexual development in a teenager?

Men of Reddit, what’s one thing about you that a women would say to you like the most?

Who is the most dangerous person you've ever met?