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People who dislike the book you are currently reading, what made you stop?

We see these events as a compliment, something to make us feel good about ourselves.

what are your 2 cents?

What’s the best time to tell the girlfriend that you are in the wedding

What is the most peculiar house appliance you can think of?

Is the movie Blade runner (1982) a satire on humanity’s future plans? If so which technological singularity will be the most damaging?

Shy/introverted people of Reddit, have any of you ever had a "shadow person" – someone who, when you first meet them, is just so

Redditors who have yet to be approached

What is important to get right before you die?

Why are you still awake, kid?

If you could remove one thing from the entire Star Wars series, what would it be?

If blood transfusions became a reality would this be the end of the world?

Tyrannosaurus rex is eating shit but why do i keep seeing him?

What's the best thing

Redditors of Reddit, as a dad, how does it make you feel knowing that your child is allowed to play with anything (ball, stick, anything really)?

What is something you absolutely hate doing, but love doing?

Reddit, why do you like to be alone?

People that say Guns Don't Kill People, Why?

[Serious] What are signs of a psychopath?

What can your self promotion achieve?

For the people who say "all lives matter", when did you realize that you were going to die?

What are some "black market" and "underground" drug markets in your country?

Who do u think is the most likely person to snap and attack with a knife?

Anime or Manga? Why?

People who got back together with their parents and made a big deal about it, why did you guys do it and what's the best thing someone said or did about it?