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For those of you still awake, what are some of the scariest movies you have ever seen?

If people really do not want to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens what are some reasons why?

What was a great thing ruined by

What are some of the downsides to weed that a weed smoker doesn’t want to admit?

Cops have already shown an alarming amount of bias when it comes to fatal shootings, why not when it comes to civilian shootings?

When was the last time you actually got to meet the opposite gender person?

What is the best (non-sexual) way to waste $100?

What’s a good name that sounds like an easy pick?

When did you get angry?"

[Serious] Lawyers what's an example case you've seen where a client overstepped their boundaries and you successfully defended them?

When will Americans wake up and realize that you, Trump, and water are family?

You’re dating a gorgeous girl, you arrive at her place to find her naked, what do you do?

favourite Pixar film?

Redditors with strong opinions, what's your opinion?

Germans, what is the rape culture in your country and how does it affect your relationship with your parents?

People that actually got married on an "if we're both still single when we're 35 we'll get married" deal...what were the details?

What is the most NSFW moment you've ever had?

People who use Bing search, why?

Girls of reddit, what’s one thing about you that is really attractive to the opposite sex?

Pikachu’s were real, why do you think they’re so cute?

People that vote for Trump: why?

People who wear sunglasses when it is absolutely zero degree outside, why?

Why the FUCK do people complain about reposts? Why do we fight so hard to keep these up-votes rolling in?

What would be the greatest plot twists of a TV show or movie?

What do you think of the first ten hours of 2020?