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What if 'Friends' is a movie about real life relationships?

Which dumb question would you ask an expert?

What game are you nostalgic for but don’t have a great memory of?

Do you guys actually go to church on Sunday? If so, why?

What is a great question to ask on r/askreddit?

When was a time you got mad and went to war?

What is it that you’re worried about?

[Serious] which YouTube channels do you watch?

You get to fuck a celebrity chef. What do you do?

Women who have switched from wearing make-up to natural hair, what’s your experience with the transition?

What is your evidence that

How do you guys feel about the fact that your favorite singer/actress has some sort of mental illness?

What were the sex offender records of a fictional character?

What is the best example of a father mistreating his son?

Gamers, what is the most over

You are now the President of the United States of America, what changes would you make?

Non-Americans, what would be some of the longest and complex legal battles you’ve ever participated in?

People of Reddit who switched to other time zones, how does it make you feel to be in another

Folks who are still awake after sleep deprivation, what the fuck is life like?

Why do people upvote classic posts even after the post has been upvoted more than 3 times?

Girls of reddit - what is the most inappropriate thing a guy can say to you?

We've all heard the saying 'Only the good die young' but have you ever actually died and how ?

You have been granted a wish by the God of Planets. However, upon your wish fulfillment is granted, humanity will be invaded by a race of non powered undead that will use any Necrons or other

Hey reddit, what is the best way to ruin a perfectly good single malt?

Translators of Reddit, what is one thing translators can say that will make someone think "this is actually a thing"?