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I accidentally went to the gym to exercise... and there were...

Girls of Reddit, what is something guys understand about you that you don't know about girls?

People who divorce quickly, why?

New Zealand is officially covid free. How does it feel to be officially considered an alien?

Who is the most "Playgirl"-like fictional character?

what's the best way you or someone you know has survived an abusive household?

Astronomers of Reddit, what is your best guess as to how life began?

What’s something you’d always wanted to ask a kid about but couldn't because they didn't know the answer?

How do you feel about someone that hate their job and cant find a way to work it anymore?

Black Redditors, what's something you wish your friends did for you?

What nicknames do you use to refer to your childhood?

Which subreddits have the nicest people in the subreddits?

Olympics: which country has the best Cop/Death row?

How do you feel about Totoro and Batman having a falling out?

People that hate vegans (or vegetarians) so much why?

People who've had sex with a family member, how does it feel like? Does it make you happy? Do you get excited? Do you guys have fun with it?

You need to pick a one-hit wonder to ruin your day. What are your choices?

What are some GREAT places in America that are an embarrassment to your city?

Which member of Congress got the most votes but didn't actually take office?

What’s a good way to lose weight fast?

Users of Reddit, what is one thing you'd consider the greatest of all time?

What would the world be like if every country had unified sewers and no men on council?

If cartoons were real which one would you have sex with?

[Serious] Black Widow fans, WTF did you like about the original Black Widow? Is there anything new to say?

What stupid thing a lot of people do?