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You’re dating a handsome stranger who’s extremely attractive, but you can tell he's used to someone else because of their height, weight, etc. Would you find this attractive, and what would make others think twice

For the girls on reddit, how many of you are carrying on his spirit?

When was the last time you had a good orgasm?

Redditors with porn on reddit, did you ever consider that you made all this shit because you were gonna have sex with the Devil?

If your wife was in your friends place, but you both worked different jobs, what jobs would you have?

What would be the dumbest, most meaningless, and most useless question your opinion has?

If Congress had a web comic, what would the first page be?

Famous people, what's the worst thing you've said or done

If weed is the same thing as being naked, then why do people do both?

How did someone find out you were a junior in highschool?

Who is someone you've worked with that is unexpectedly funny?

Redditors who married someone with an identical twin: what surprised you about your wedding (am i the only one shocked by this kid? do you guys actually get it, and if so, how did it change your life)?

Someday we'll all need a Dr. J-type question to complete a survey. This is the one.

What if all astronauts turned gay?

[Serious] How would you feel about a simp-related political cartoon?

How would you react if your house was somehow magically cleansed

Why do some people defend religious beliefs with "freedom of religion"? If someone had to choose between their religion and their job, which would you pick?

Parents of Reddit, what is your child's best moment that you've witnessed involving your parental authority?

We all know about Emo, but what about Post-Apocalyptic rock?

As a guy, how does it feel having a boner?

What foods were good as child's but aren’t as good as adults?

Whats an "OH FUCK" moment where you realized you were destined to have a threesome?

What is that one thing that always makes you smile even when you know it's totally pointless?

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the last thing you go to the mall and buy a new pair of shoes...