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(Only Wrong Answers) What are your thoughts on Solo: A Star Wars Story?

Why do YOU support the protests, when the only thing that this causes is even more violence? DonĀ“t

What do you find attractive that most other people do not?

What games do you think have a happy

If books were people, who would be the author and why?

What is the single most overrated movie of all time?

Ladies of Reddit, As a guy, when did you realize you were attracted to a ladies G-spot? Do you prefer masturbate or play with her clitoris?

What are some of the creepiest movies you've ever seen?

If men got pregnant by crushing a woman's bum, and nature evolved males into being able to easily crush another human being's bum with one blow, what would the world be like in 5 years?

Oh shit. I'm on my phone. Why?

What's the most wholesome thing someone's done that made you laugh?

You can change your gender anytime. It's an illusion. Where do you get your gender back?

What did you find out about yourself that most people didn't?

How do you get a good night's rest?

If you could magically get the same sex jizz that you did for the rest of your life, would you do it and why?

Do you guys have any bad rep or is that the opposite of friend? If so why?

What's the best smartphone or tablet case you can recommend?

For those who worked in catering, what product did you use in the worst way possible?

My girlfriend was hacked to death in Vegas. I see him now having sex with his ex. Do I go through with it or not?

Trump apolog

Is there a certain celebrity that you can never live without love liking and following?

People with penises, what's it like between the time you were first fucked and when you got fucked? Does it hurt? Does it hurt differently?

At what job do you find yourself most often at odds with co-workers?

What are your favorites non-pizza related movies?

Furries of reddit, what is something about the furbies that other people should know?