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[Serious] what's a really cheap item you can buy that you think is actually pretty cool but actually isn't?

People of reddit, what is the most unused video game

People of Reddit who live in Australia/New Zealand: what's the first country in your opinion that people should "boycott" immediately?

Couples of Reddit, when was the moment that the other guy "got the girl" - and what was it?

What stupid questions do you want to know, and are you guys actually all that interested in answering them?

Are you sick of the endless debates and name calling on reddit?

With the rise in anti sirens devices like the one in your neighborhood, what should the average person take extra care not to do while driving by?

Ex-atheists of reddit, why did you no believe in god/a religion?

Why don't we take matters into our own hands and abolish the police?

What is the greatest explosion ever seen?

What’s an incredibly unlikely way for Donald

What fictional world would you live in?

What are some things that are fairly obvious but are also a bit of a dark secret?

How is your Monday going?

Weebs of reddit, what’s your favorite "This is an irrational thought!" moment?

What exactly is your opinion on GG?

How did someone find out you found them out?

I'm an atheist, but if all I had was one fictional friend, what would our shared universe be like?

What would an openly racist country be like?

How well do you sleep and what’s the best way to ergonomically position yourself after dark?

You're lying in the middle of the street, someone comes up to you and asks what game are you?

What will it take to get rid of Trump?

How would you feel about a law stating that contracts cannot be enforced unless both parties sign it?

Whats the most random fact that people know about you?

Your last words have been revealed! How do you die?