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Americans of reddit, which one of you’s, if any, actually believed that September 11th was an inside job and why?

People of reddit with emus, what is your favorite emus song?

What's your go-to "going to the extremes" excuse when trying to explain why you're responsible for protecting others from criminals?

So my santa sent me a video game that when I play it, it plays like a nightmare. What is this video game?

What is the best video game title you've ever played?

To protect the public from identity theft, financial institutions will be required to put cash instead of cards in machines. What’s a convenient way for you to cover your act?

People who don’t sleep, why not?

What does your pup’s name be?

People who separate their cats, why?

People who allow their mom to eat cereal with icing on it, what the fuck is she thinking?

What are some smaller annoyances in your life?

What are some of the common phrases that kids use to try and make you feel special?

if your penis was a whale what would it do?

What are some GREATALLY ADDICTING things to do this Mother's Day weekend?

What is the best quote you've ever heard from a video game?

What is something you would have done as a child that actually ended well?

What did you think when you saw your first animated movie?

Goddess of Poseidon has taken the form of a human and is cleaning up after the human plague. What small thing helps to combat the filth inside?

What is the most wholesome thing an overly religious person has ever done?

What were some of the dumbest things you ever did?

Why did the skyrocketing murder rate speak volumes about you? Did it? Did it help you?

What's a myth you believe in?

Those who haved worked in porn, what’s the strangest thing you saw?

People who were bullied in school, what was your experience?

At what job are you happiest?