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You're dating a beautiful girl who will be your ""perfect" friend. You meet her in the hallway, she says she spotted you staring at her, that she was thinking about you, and she suddenly gets down to earth... what do you do?

People of Reddit, what is the best thing about your country?

How can you get a boyfriend to stop worrying about his taste buds?

Cops of reddit how do you feel about dashcops?

What are some freakin’s greatest hits?

To people in developing countries, what can the average person (barring specially trained health workers) do to help grow your economy?

What are signs of broken relationships ?

How will your baby boy get his name?

Torture apologists often talk about the "never again" moment in their life. For some reason, it always seems to come back to them. What is it?

Ex-atheists, why did you start believing in God/Atheism ?

What would a republic look like?

So, what is a normal habit of yours you think is a little extreme, but are afraid others will think you're crazy?

If someone lost their virginity, how do you think its felt?

Reddit, what is the weirdest thing someone has done as a result of their religious beliefs?

What does a “zombie” story have to do with sex?

If you were given the chance to have sex with any fictional character (minus The Joker), Who would it be?

How do you feel about the bisexuality inclusiveness movement?

What is your best holiday story so far?

Redditors with racist friends, at what point did you start to see colors differently?

Redditors of reddit, have you ever been so close to someone, and then they died? If so what happened?

What subreddit do you wish you never had?

sounds fake and is real, what do you think?

My girlfriend is moving out, and I don't want to ruin everything by moving out with her. What should i do?

Ladies of Reddit what's the most sexiest thing your crush has ever done for you?

What will the first video game adaptation suck that you hated the script so much you wrote your own?