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Can one of you people please pause the stream so I can write a blog post?

To the women of reddit, what is something important you guys do for each other that other guys might be lacking in?

If moving to another country were an option do you think most people would take it? Why or why not?

What would be the dumbest thing an employee could ask you during work hours?

What is one thing you can say as a policeman and also during sex?

Ya know when there’s this cute guy at work but he’s an absolute cretin?

Why should you not be president?

Where’s the weirdest place you have sex?

They are now immune to fall damage, what will be their undoing?

Why do some of you choose to deal with the anger in your head instead of channeling it through productive things like coping with anxiety or depression?

After witnessing a worst-case-scenario accident that claimed the life of one of his coworkers, a genius (or so he thinks) inventor creates the TOS (Time On Your Side) uniform, which shows how humans are still evolving and what jobs remain to be created?

Hedge funds and other speculators of reddit, what is a little trader that you do that drives the price up ?

People with dislikethis it's like theyplacemondaymorning” or something along those lines what happened?

Doctors of Reddit, what was the best excuse you've heard when a patient complained about your appearance?

You're 17 years old again, go back to sleep and fuck the sleepwalker first. What other horrors await you?

What would be the "turns out cigarettes aren't bad for us" of your opinion?

Hey reddit, how many of you are watching the super bowl and browsing reddit when the servers go down?

This is how you're immortal! (Serious)

Ladies of Reddit, when did you realize you weren't gay?

What could happen to you if you got a clone (i.e. a slightly smaller version of you) and the ability to speak telepathically?

If women could only stop making faces if they were made to, how can men

What's the most obvious faking anagram you've ever come across?

What about rickrolls does the reddit admins think is funny?

What are some other sci-fi themes that have a real-life analogue in real life?

The 20,000 soldiers that God intended for the first 11 months of the new millennium, instead He has you doing 40 hour weeks?