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Would you sleep with the devil? Why or why not?

Americans of reddit, what is the hardest thing you have ever done to someone, especially someone close in age?

Have you ever accidentally said the "wrong" thing, and how did it affect you?

Have you ever been in a 'friend's' wedding? If so, how did it play out?

People of reddit that feel they can live without cable for cheap, how do you live without cable?

What is the most heinous crime that you are aware of but can't bring yourself to tell a friend about?

if Reddit is the front page of the internet, what would the last page of the internet be?

We are all familar with the A-list celebrities we hate, but what are some stars we're completely in love with?

If you got 7 milonons of gold, and platinum, what are you going to do with them?

What is the best character study you have ever read?

Is porn related to you? If so, how do you view adult content in porn?

You are now the moderator of r/pics and every picture on reddit is a comment. Can you post one picture a day. How long will it be until it's time to post the last comment?

What is an essential to life skill every single human should learn?

Gamers of Reddit who have actually played the actual arcade version of Devil May Cry, which is rated PG-13 and contains blood and gratuitous gratuitous violence, what was it like?

What is the best drugs list can you come up with that is completely fictional?

Females of reddit, what's it like having a vagina and a cock?

People of reddit that had a crush on you, how did it turn out?

Furries of reddit, why do you watch anime/manga and not role play?

people who strip naked in public, what’s the funniest thing you've done?

So, Redditors, how are you holding up?

If someone offered you 1000$ to fuck them would you do it and why?

MANY people swipe their middle finger on the end of a two-foot pole. HOW DO YOU ENJOY A DIFFERENT TYPE OF HUMAN BEING?

Females of Reddit, how many of you are banged in a night and thinking about it...

What do you think of the idea of having a “Sister” in every room of your house so that you are automatically suspicious of strangers?

People with naturally fast twitch muscles: what the fuck are you doing that gets you going?