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What if Jesus was alive today wich would he support single payer healthcare?

What are signs someone is gay?

Your IP ( has been illegally increased by posting it on Reddit. What’s the cost to yourself and Reddit? (YOUR LAST UPD LOSING)

Which character from all of fiction do you feel most like?

What’s a superpower?

At what age did you start smoking weed?

How do you feel about Kotaku taking a crack at how the creators of video games deal with creators/clients (creators/youtubers, etc) harassment?

Do you support the right of law enforcement to carry out political activities and keep them out of the business of enforcing the laws? Why or why

Divorce lawyers of Reddit, what's the most ridiculous excuse a spouse has given for why they divorced you?

Cops of reddit, what’s the most you've ever done that you don’t regret?

How would you feel about adding a "come as you are" at the end of Frozen to signify that you are not welcome anymore?

What is the best anime?

How would you feel about promoting the wearing of masks in schools?

How is everyone's autism diagnosis changing?

What is the greatest food sin you have seen others commit?

What is one embarrassing thing you learned from your childhood?

What’s a coworker’s worst workplace sexual experience?

[Serious] who else is considering suicide?

What is an underrated simple yet complex song that everyone should know?

What could be a problem in 2020 if you got an iPhone 6s?

What does your opinion of Teh Proverb has in anyway to do with your religion?

What’s your favourite Hulk moment?

If you had to pick a genre to live your life by which would you pick N.W.A’s’s’s’s?

You’re at a job interview. The company runs out of jobs, and you’re the only person who has left a job to go to Florida to work on a porno story. What do you say to the interviewer to make him or her feel like you're the smartest person in the room?

What can someone give you for your birthday?