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What are some enjoyable things to do on a first date?

People who were stalked or harassed by their childhood friends, what's your story?

What are some of the best introductions you've ever had to a person, and how did that go?

If by some miracle you became the opposite gender version of what you chose, what would you choose?

What is something you have successfully done once?

Would you leave your home town if you had no other choice but to live in a big city? If so, why?

People with birthmarks, how do you feel about them and what does it remind you of / think is averse you from?

What is the best subreddit to binge read?

You have until the day you die to eat a "real" human meat meal. Which flavour do you choose?

If men could express themselves as fully as women can, without fear of repercussions, what would be some of the most interesting and creative ways to voice your

What are some complex issues that do not get a lot of attention, but are actually very complex?

What exactly is a compliment and what does it say about someone?

If you were able to have sex with any fictional character who would it be and why?

What are some of the best (not necessarily sexiest) reddit nicknames you have come across?

The VA will admit to knowingly sending incompetent doctors to die, allowing other countries to kill them, and covering it up. What’s the worst thing you can do?

Americans...why do you think that you are the way that you are? What could America possibly become if you ALL had the ability?

If you could randomly change one thing about your childhood, what would it be?

You are trapped in your bedroom for 24 hours only to watch as all your friends lose interest. What do you do?

What is a quote that never fails to make you smile every time you hear it?

Your stripper name is your favorite candy flavor. What is it?

You go back to sleep and for every time you go to dream land there is a new floor. What do you do?

Redditors of Reddit, are you married ? if so, what are your marriage proposals/marriages proposals lined up?

What can we do to stop cancelling one another out?

Translators of Reddit, what are some of the most fucked up shitranslators can

It's "My vagina is your period", what other stereotypes come true in your world?