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Escape Room players of Reddit, what is the most room for improvement you

[Serious] Why did you click on that post and continue scrolling?

What do you get when you replace one word from a movie title with the phrase "revenge of the JK"?

Whats your most lamer moments?

What do you find is over-hated?

Lawyers of reddit, what was your “oh shit” moment where you thought you’d accidentally said something terrible while representing yourself?

Haven't heard anything from Kanye West, where he at and what's he got to do with a dick?

How do I come out as a cisgendered male?

In honor of Donald Trump's 45th birthday, HBO is throwing a birthday party that will include champagne and video games. What games will be on the special menu?

What’s the most mythologized story from American literature?

Teachers of Reddit, have you ever had a situation where a male student said “show me your best friend”

What’s your favorite "Flat Earth" theory?

Reddit, how have you changed my life?

What's a great YouTube channel to binge watch in 2019?

Guys, what is the best way a girl could approach you when you're all alone in a dark room?

What do you do if a) you get bullied often but b) it's your school not theirs and they make super power poses all day long and you can't take them seriously?

Have you ever felt you don't know/have forgotten who you are? That you've spent years just learning new skills and never quite at home? That you could have your whole life ahead of you and never get to know the people you meet along the way? If

Who are your favorite silent film stars?

People of Reddit who work in human resources, what is the craziest thing a HR manager claimed was normal but actually wasn't?

What weird/awkward thing have you found in the woods, in the forest, or in caves?

What are some amazing, not necessarily funny, questions on AskReddit?

What Redditors have a problem with saying "all lives matter"?

What are some "safe spaces" from too many people?

If you could magically get someone to teach you how to paint, what would you do?

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2003) is the second longest film in the series behind The Empire Strikes Back (1980) and The Empire Strikes Back (1980) is one of the greatest films ever made. How would you describe the world in the third installment of the trilogy?