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You are offered 15 million dollars but you have to participate in a porn movie that your family and friends are going to be aware of, do you take this offer or not? Why?

People who have committed mass murders, how’s it different than committing suicide?

What is the best mobile game you've played through (freemium, mobile game, etc) ?

Ladies, do you prefer blue collar tradesmen who do physical jobs or white collar men?

What is a good comedy that's actually funny?

How do you think your internet will be in 2020?

What's your go-to kink?

What if Donald Trump is assassinated?

A new game is released! What is it ?

What are some serious flaws in Reddit?

People with cranky parents, how do you deal with them and do you feel about them having a

To the people who say that Canada is the best country in the world because of how many guns, how many people, and how liberal it is (not including people with different opinions)?

How do you relax?

UPDATED: Danny Devito apologizes for racist joke

What would you do if all your karma bugged out and now you only get to keep one thing?

What is the most lovable star Wars character you can name and why?

In 24 hours, the character Iceman has undergone a reboot that includes new dialogue, new costumes, new abilities, new locations, and a whole new storyline. What will be the final straw?

In a video game, when you pick up a gun and start shooting, you have two lives and one extra. In real life, what would you do if that same video game you are playing kept you alive for exactly one hour?

What are some hidden gems in

Pseudoscientists, what

In a fit of rage, what's something you did that made the previous day better?

What are some reasons to support President Trump?

How would you feel about a fantasy world in which fantasy sports teams are based on real life sports teams

What's your best personal example of stoicism you've seen?

Death row inmates of reddit, what was your last meal and why?