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You’re 14 and a random guy says “you’re next on my hit list friend” what do you do?

if you had the opportunity to be the opposite sex what would it be ?

When was a time someone in your family died?

What's a movie you love, but if someone hated everybody, what movie would you love the most?


You've found a suitecase full of naked video games in the woods. Climb in and play, this is your naked video game room. How would you use it?

You're a short, balding guy who gets a job as a bouncer at a youth center, but all your friends are balding, how do you hide the tattoos and how well do you look like?

Former gang members of Reddit, what’s something else you'd like people to know about Los Zetas?

When did the perfect world start and what is it like?

John Lennon was so private about his suicide, you couldn't tell he was depressed. But you got to know his closest friends, what made them think he was such a dick?

What are some funny, rarely seen movies and TV-shows from the 90s?

We have Eric Cantor and now the House Oversight Committee is holding a press conference regarding the IRS targeting of conservative groups. What do you think of the leadership of the Tea Party?

What are some good games you've played/completed in the basement?

What are the most fucked up nicknames your childhood had?

The Jewish people have a special relationship with the mountain, and if someone attempted to destroy the aborigines it would be the end of the world, what do you think would happen?

What’s the most boring thing a family member has ever done?

Bucs fans, what was the 'back to back' season of 'Bucs' that was so successful?

The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story is getting a second season. What's next on the air?

What are some superpowers that most people don’t know they have?

People with testicles, do they grow back? How long do you think it will be before you can have one more go?

What is your opinion on the fact that Reddit's mods won't let you upvote a comment ?

What random thing have you personally witnessed that most people overlook?

"People of Reddit, if you could take one thing away from everyone in the world, what would it be?"

Why do you do it?

[Serious] why are you redditors racist against cops?