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What to say as a dad to a kid who is like, "Dad, what's the most you've ever done for me, besides hugging me and telling me to

The phone in your pocket, what do you ring to call your homies?

People of Reddit who changed jobs, what was the reason?

Funny things are said in secret during sex. What are you doing so the kids won't think you're a pervert?

Of the 7.62x51mm rounds in this movie, how many of them does it take to fill a Nissan LEAF?

Trump supporters, what's your opinion on the current protests?

When did you experience a "Heck of a Life"?

Guys, what do girls do that are mean to you?

Why does reddit go on and on about privacy and why does it hide the fact that it exists?

What are signs of being a bad boyfriend?

If the movie "Taken

How did you get a reddit account?

Is it wrong to celebrate pride month?

Who is the most toxic person you have met? What is it like to be around them?

How do you feel about cucks?

It's May 2020 and the zombie apocalypse is happening, how do you prepare for it?

Women of reddit, what’s something important you think a man can do to support women in a healthy way?

How would you go about getting GED/QED, ideally by age 21?

What's your favorite age to die?

What makes you most nervous on Reddit?

JK Rowling's twitter handle is REVERSE. Why are people mad at her?

Chris Brown has been suspended two months without pay for slapping an unsuspecting woman in an Instagram post. What will happen to all of us?

What was the best improv song ever?

What is something that annoys you about Reddit?

Add "in my ass" to the end of any song/band name. What are some good contenders?