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What is something you have taken great pride in protecting?

How much is

The theme song to South Park is: FUCK YOU. What would it be?

To people that hate fat, how does one lose weight when binge eating is encouraged?

Teachers of Reddit, what's the funniest excuse you heard to not get a raise, but still keep your job?

What did you learn in high school that everyone in the world should know?

Do you guys think hes still alive and what’s

What would you guys think of Bernie Sanders addressing the

If writing this post was a game, what would be some loading screen tips?

Police Officers of Reddit - What's the funniest story of being mistaken for a cop?

For those who watch r/atheism, what r/atheists don’t use?

What is something you can do to make a point or to upset people?

How would you feel about Shrek getting a racist?

What’s the stupidest thing you did in highschool?

What was a terrible mistake you made as a child that you are now regretting?

How do you feel about all this BLM activism?

Could someone explain to me the appeal of puzzle/solving?

What are some dark, unusual, unexplainable events that you have personally witnessed?

What are the most outrageous 3-fact claims you are tired of hearing?

Should white people proudly display the Confederate flag in public places like state house grounds or in other places? Why or why not?

Given how some of Trump's supporters could care less about the safety of the country and still proudly support him, how does it make you feel to be one of them?

People who voice boomed in movies such as Brave and The Incredibles, why do you do it? Do you enjoy the sound?

If the founder of Reddit is so self-depreciating, how has his life changed since the launch?

Boys of Reddit: What is something you would do to help a girl become a better blueliner?

Dear Reddit, Just a request...