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What's your opinion on the closing of down half the state fair sites?

What is your wish fulfillment story?

People with websites with over 300,000 page views, how is it like?

How come guys are the ones who get the girl?

You now get to choose one movie title that always rhymes and why?

Who are some of history's most interesting and influential people?

What would the worst possible fictional universe would be if you were allowed to choose just one?

Does anyone want to organize a globally synchronized toilet flush for 2014?

People of reddit who have won an argument with your parents , explain why?

If your life was a videogame, what is the loading screen tutorial?

What are your thoughts on the BLM protests?

Americans who will carry out the revolution, how will you feel about the fruits of the revolution?

What would you think of a novel about a business called the "Clown Farts Business"?

Hear you roar in the end zone, New England, where else do you want to be buried?

What is one question everyone should ask a Doctor Who fan?

LGBTQ+ folk of Reddit: how did someone think you were gay, when you really weren't?

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What are some jokes so as to not be too meta?

What would your 10 year plan for 2020 be?

[Serious] Translators of Reddit, what is one thing a client did that was abusive towards the LGBT community?

If every country had a news anime, what news would anime would have to show off?

Redditors of Reddit, what is the best thing a friend did for you that makes you say "oh yeah, i got a boyfriend"?

People who attach sex toys to your penis, are you gay?

What's the best smartphone wallpaper image ever?

Who are the most sex positive people you know?