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As a kid, what song still stuck with you?

If puppies got the internet what would their names be?

For the Japanese who immigrated to the US, what is your opinion about the abundance of packaged drinks such as cola cola and what is

What can a GD person do to be happy?

Your income is now strictly from advertising, you must only upload one video a day. What is that video?

If you were the CEO of Reddit, what is the first rule you would adopt?

What are some of the minor shitakes that Donald Trump finds funny?

What is something you'd be happy to show off to anyone who would listen?

People with empty stomachs, what do you eat everyday?

Managers of Reddit, what’s one thing that’s never endearing about you?

[Serious] What small-talk profanities annoys you the most?

How do you feel about coitus?

Anyone else wonder if that youtuber kid Jordan came to terms with his sexuality?

Crimson Serpent God, Tifa 20XX just completed

What is the best way to make someone stop texting you?

What is the biggest fuck up you ever did in your life?

Somehow I think I'm attracted to a prince. I mean I get it, I get it. But he doesn't exactly live up to my high standards.

If your username is the title of a porn movie, what is the plot?

How can you get a Disney Star Wars (Episode I) card?

Redditors who like Zoolander 2 better than the first one why?

If your life was a video game, what would one of the loading screen tips be?

Ladies of Reddit, if you could choose one piece of advice only to impress a guy, what would it be?

Do you think this look is good on Trump?

You're a bus driver, but instead of stopping at a stop light, you get to pick any destination light and keep moving along. What are you taking me to?

What's the most obnoxious thing a gamer has said or done?