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What are some underrated funny songs?

What's your favourite "just to be safe" moment of your life?

Which anime is perfect for second viewing?

What can a personal finance blog entry do for you that would make your day better?

Gamers, what is the strangest thing you’ve done to another person?

(Only Wrong Answers) White Family members of Reddit, what's going through YOURS?

What would you call a person that sort of has the appearance of class?

How is it possible that people still think that "he was a racist"?

Swap a word from one of your favorite movies quotes for the last line of your favorite song. What result would that have?

US Military Veterans, what's the most thing your country has spoiled you with?

What's one thing that makes other people seem more human than you?

Masseuses, Dental Hygienists, Eye Veterins, EMTs, Fire Fighters...what specialties do you have?

Have you ever been in a restaurant and ordered the wrong thing to split their bill /were not allowed to split it? What was the situation?

You're a cop, and you get to be the grandfather of your 8 year old daughter... what mysteries do you uncover with her (and other family members) that will make her proud to be your grandson?

What are some warning signs of predatory behavior from a parent or guardian?

People of Reddit with anxiety issues and people who constantly feel down, how do you go through it?

Those of you with a terminal illness, how have you been coping with caring for so long?

To all of you who are in the military/veterans and have seen battle, what was the worst battle you’ve ever seen?

(NSFW) (Serious) What are some good porn scenes?

You were a burglar, but now you're the mayor. What do you do?

You see a naked man on the street, what do you say to him?

What can your partner/s best friend do to make your day a lot better?

What are some of the best websites that you have visited with the purpose of discovering new information or just plain having a good time?

Does a supermoon not equal a full moon? Why or why not?

If you could speak from 1,000 feet up, what would you say?