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Want to be normal? How?

What television series could you watch over and over again?

What is your favorite (and/or a combination of) pop culture characters you can't stand?

Who was the most toxic person to know your age?

People who don't wait for someone to pot you, why?

Vegans/vegetarians of reddit, what is the most extreme example of a time you have personally experienced someone's insensitivity to animal pain?

[Serious] Christians of Reddit, if someone confessed to you that they are an 'ex-Christian', what would you do?

[Serious] When did you have a bad

How would you feel about a "Robot Chicken" soviet?

How do you feel about the fact that today is International Men's Day?

I work in a restaurant and have to explain to a guy who works in the kitchen that the food was prepared properly and that there was no greasy spoon at the ready. What should I do?

[Serious] transgender people of Reddit, how have you transitioned and what’s it like?

Which Licensed Professional Conduct Jurisdiction Do You Think Has the Best Interest Of WOMEN IN COMMON?

Why does Reddit hate Christians so much?

Redditors, if every country

What if physics became a bit too human powered?

What is your go-to jam-band playlist?

What was the most peculiar thing you’ve heard in a nightclub?

[Serious] Former racists of Reddit, how do you think about people who aren't racist?

What is your favorite product that you use every day?

People of Reddit who haven’t pooped in 2019 yet, why are you still holding on to last years shit?

(Serious) When did you have a moment where you thought you would die?

Hey reddit, what was a sick prank you pulled off that went horribly wrong?

What does your happy place need a name?

What were the most ufiest things you’ve ever done?