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Girls of Reddit, what is the biggest sign that you noticed about a male friend?

When did you have a bad breakup? How did you cope?

What video game feature do you wish more men had?

The pandemic is upon us...what do you and your friends in 'HELP' group do now?

Who is the best teacher of all time?

Does anyone else think that the reason Taylor Swift is so popular is because she has good taste? That being said, how do you guys disagree?

Redditors of reddit, what's the most alarming event that you or someone you know has been a part of?

Redditors who hate empty nesters, whats your reasoning?

Do you ever look at yourself one day and think you are hot as shit, but the next day comes and you've become Milhouse from "Moe & Danny Devito"? Why do you think life is so unfair sometimes?

What’s something you own that first-hand feel's like you got ripped off and held a prop from another culture?

What are your feelings on today?

What's the most insane conspiracy theory you've heard?

Parents of Reddit, what is the BEST way/ combination of things has your child coped with being a boy?

Girls of Reddit

Redditors who stopped caring about a tv show or movie, what was that like?

Is it still okay to enjoy a good book and a good movie together?

What is your opinion on the fact that Reddit is so focused on new posts and new topics?

What are some of the best alternatives to reddit?

what video game made you

[Serious] What would you do if you found out a person that you thought was out of your league suddenly proved to be totally out of your league?

What are signs of advanced depression?

For people who ask these questions on r/AskReddit, how often do you answer the questions yourself?

What single message

In the year 2030 Adam and eve are in class 13 and Adam explains to Eve he is her brother- in-law. What do you two think of this exchange?

You are sent back to the day the titanic set sail with nothing but a 3rd class ticket (and food water ect) your task is to stop the titanic from sinking (beating the shit out of it) what do you do?