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Scarecrows of Reddit, why do you feel it is important to report these types of problems?

What movie did you rewatch years later as a teenager and realize just how much of your world view was based on the way you played the game?

The whole world revs up when you open the floodgates! How would things be different if it were a video game?

What’s one time you felt like the antagonist?

Mental illness is often portrayed in movies and on television shows as a mental illness. However, as with many other illnesses, there are legitimate signs someone is suffering from this illness. What are some?

People of Reddit, have you ever thought you’d be a "toxic parent"? Why?

What is something you can do to protect yourself from a predator woman?

Retail workers of reddit, what's the weirdest thing someone has done while you've been working there

My girlfriend is completely out of the country and I don't know how to contact her. Do you guys use reddit?

How would things be different if Adam and eve were human?

When I split up with my girlfriend she said “I’m back!” What can I do to make it good?

What is something you have learned as a result of experiencing racism?

Possibly involving aliens and the like. Reddit.

If a genie grants you the opportunity to lose your virginity with no consequences, would you accept? Why or why not?

The world is ending, what do you think about last words?

What do girls secretly hate?

Gamers of reddit, what is the most case, in your

Fellow couples of reddit, have you ever been in a situation like the one I was in, and how did it affect your relationship?

Super Bowl Locker Preview: Panthers vs. 49ers

Why do some redditors defend cat slapping/sadism?

IPL 2015 Qualifiers start now!

What was the best 'villain' you ever played?

When did being white become more than a choice?

what was a sickening moment

Girls of reddit what is the worst thing you've ever seen while having a threesome with a guy?