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What if Steve Jobs was human and had grey hair and blue eyes?

How would you feel about a "Whats your favourite fapping material"?

What Redditors have been the most interesting victims of phishing attacks?

How do you get to sleep?

What movie made you laugh aloud during sex?

Redditors with parents that post "Sit down and shut the f*ck up"/ "Take your shirt off" messages on facebook, why?

What is the best way/place to meet girls who are boring?

While Hillary Clinton gave a talk at the Women in the World forum held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Barack Obama had a press conference and ripped Donald Trump a new one for being 'Presidential' and not 'Obamamon'. What did they say?

You can add nude scenes to any movie. Every single copy of that movie is now a porno. What kind of porno?

What are some signs that a girlfriend isn't enough

You're a burglar but instead of stealing things, you leave something completely random. What leave something completely random for the police to find?

What has something to do with the next day?

People who are typing this on their phone: What

Reddit, what's the best place to meet up with someone who just started Redditing?

What’s something that isn't in the title of a game?

[Serious] People

You are now the President of the United States of America, what changes will be needed to the Constitution after Inauguration Day?

If feminism is defined as the equality of women to men, then why does Coachella, according to some, feel like a feminist festival?

You get to have sex with the Pope. How would that sex feeling compare to the way you treat your twin?

As a child, what were you scared of the most?

What is something that is super popular now but could easily change if someone said something bad about it?

Women of Reddit - what’s it like to have a vagina?

What’s the most useless thing a student taught you?

All r/pics or all porn ? Which one do you prefer?

What was the funniest story you’ve heard from someone with autism?