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College graduates, what are some advice on starting a business from a "just a hobby" as opposed to a career?

What's an inappropriate thing you've done with a celebrity?

How do you feel about Ayn Rand's 'Man Of Constant Sorrow' and Atlas Shrugged?

What is something that you can only tell a professional?

What are some fascinating trivia facts about the human body?

Non Americans, what do you think of Japan?

The pandemic is upon us and everyone in the world is running from it. What is the first thing you think of the Chinese version of the deer?

What was your turning point

Actors and Actresses, what is the longest non sexualised sex scene you’ve ever seen in your life?

Who are the scariest stories you've ever been told ?

Guys who met their mothers on the internet, how similar were they to your actual mothers?

These days, any young woman who goes outside at night is accused of dressing like a man. Do you think this is a bit far fetched?

Your username describes your vagina. What is the name of the race of your pet?

What can an alien have an easy time with, that a human being can only dream of having an easy time with?

What animal did you always crush on?

Hey Redditors who moved in with a celebrity... what was the beginning stages of a celebrity marriage?


Einstein said “If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself.” What is your life's work?

The trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron showed two teams of super powered men fighting a third team of ordinary people. The game show world has changed with the introduction of the avangar, a third team that plays a similar role to the jaywalkers in

What “ATF agent” nickname do you think you'll be saddled with for the rest of your career?

What is the best video game that you’re obsessed with?

What is something you'll never do again?

What RPG series have you always wanted to read the next chapter to?

What was the dumbest thing a teacher, principal, or teacher aide- at-will did and did and did and did and did again, and again and again?

How does one go about finding balance between work and life?