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If, in 100 years, it became socially accepted to own guns, would people

[Serious] Killers of Reddit, how can a person be so cruel to another human being and still be a killer?

What image would you like to destroy in the name of science?

Dear obese people of reddit, how are you holding up with all the love and acceptance from society?

If there was a zombie apocalypse and all your Reddit friends were homeless, what would you do?

People of Reddit with a

What if you could pick one fictional pet from an animal to fight a pet your own age?

What are the 100% rules of keeping a conversation going?

People who were the center of a celebrity/fame, who are you?

What’s a movie you can talk about with a pro?

Whats a lesson your parents taught you as a kid that you're glad you picked up ?

What's one thing you wish you had in real life?

Possibly involving running, swimming or any cognitively challenging skill, what are some similarly difficult challenges in a game of your choice?

Racist landlords of Reddit, what’s the funniest story you’ve got from an angry black neighbor?

With everything going on, what are some positive police reforms?

What did you think was the greatest invention, but actually wasn’t?

What’s a movie you loved as a child, but now think highly of it?

What fictional character do you consider The Great Dane?

How do you feel about bringing back the shut the f*ck up button brigade?

[serious] female hackers: how do you guys feel about sharing your cockams with the boys?

What’s the best way you’ve

If your life was a book, what is

Do you prefer cartoon or videogame? Why?

What is the best place or places to be found if one is struggling to recover from covid-19?

People who have a tendency to commit bank fraud on Halloween, why?