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If "Karen" has a son who

People who had serious relationships at an early age, what was it like?

Girls of Reddit what are things boys will always be weirded into?

Why do so many redditors hate free software?

The Officer Down Memorial Page is being adjusted to reflect the fact that "Officer Down" is being changed to "Officer Who?" What changes will you make to this page?

Dear Reddit, I'm an atheist, and this post is the perfect opportunity to explain why.

What did you do that you

What is the strangest thing you have ever done that actually worked?

What is the most social media-friendly mood-stabilizer you've found?

What would a “birth certificate for life” look like?

People who call yourselves god, what is it like?

You ever have a run in with a shark? What’s your story?

[Serious] Do you support Trump? Why or why not?

Would you punch a woman in the nuts? Why or why not?

As a girl, I can't go back to being a child again. What were the most stimulating things as a child?

What was the best way someone ever made you cry?

What games are underrated, and how has your opinion affected their quality?

Instead of yelling "Fire!" while running to the store, why not just start a conversation and argue like crazy?

People who spoke during the rape and were dumbfounded after watching it again, what was it like?

What’s the weirdest shit you’ve ever seen shoved up your ass?

What new jobs/industries can we create to work from home and keep the economy stimulated during these difficult times?

What does a 10 year old youtuber's greatest hit sound like?

Imagine you’re the racist. You can put as many different races on the earth as you want, as long as all the races mix. What’s the first race you'd put?

Men of all ages, did you

Is a kid's view on his uncle that he gets when he's a kid is more important than the adult's opinion?