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Men of Reddit, what are some examples of sexism you've experienced, both at work and online?

Who's the

People with opposing points of view, what fact do you wish other people would know about your viewpoint?

What makes you say, “this”?

What is one thing you wish you didn't know about the person you know?

If your ISP gave you the ability to control which websites you could visit with the click of a single button, which websites would you choose and why?

They say you can’t trust anything you read on the internet. What are some books you believed until you checked the facts?

When did you have that "Oh I played that one video game just to see how it would feel" moment?

Lawyers of Reddit: what was the best example of 'walking on two legs while swindling' you’ve seen in a courtroom?

[serious] If a picture appeared of you and a video of you slamming into a wall came to

Since it has been revealed that Vincent van Gogh was a sadist, and that he had a sadistic streak, how would you feel about a ban on sadism?

This question is found by humans 99.999999999999999% of the time. How does that feel?

What is wrong with some comments on AskReddit?

How many companies in the USA are part of the SWFL, and which are probably part of the alt-right?

Have you ever thought we are living in a simulation and the game is a simulation too?

Teachers of Reddit, what is one thing that a student did that still piss

What do you do if someone, after you've helped them for 10 minutes, start talking like a complete idiot?

For girls on reddit, what are the weirdest ways you've cumed in a group of friends?

What is something you would do to improve the mental health of a friend or family member?

How should one go about finding true love?

Redditors with and without kids, how different do you think your lives would be if you and your family had kids and vice versa?

Want to Make a Difference in the World?

What are some reasons to support Donald Trump?

What is something that is frowned upon in your country?

How would your 12 year old self feel about a contract where every year you get paid $1,000,000 but every time you spend it you are immediately insane?