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Redditors, as promised, what’s your newest discovery?

Why do so many people downvote my interracial marriage posts?

To the almost entirely Hindu Redditors who support Trump, why?

What is your favourite memory from the '90s?

Do you think

Cops of reddit, as a new cop, what's your opinion on the badge and gun?

Parents of reddit, have you ever regretted the name you have given your child-if so, what is it?

Redditors who still

If you could see any other people's psyches on an "unlimited" basis, what would you be most excited to see them get to know?

Their dad becomes the bad guy, how will the gang take down their mom?

What is a good, non-sexual way to tell the crying, estranged, hurt, lonely, or angry in your life that you’re loved ?

What's something a lot of people think they have never tried?

What the most creative insult you've heard from an otherwise average person?

[Serious] Straight guys of Reddit, have you ever shown

Women with penises, how different is it than having a man's penis?

In what situation drinking (regular) filtered water could be dangerous?

Military people, what's your best military story?

What’s the most fucked up thing a friend did to you that you didn't know about until later?

Your player is now your rival. How do you outsmart him?

Redditors, when did you first discover your love of unwiped grannies? How did it change your relationship?

What are you tired of seeing in your videos and why?

You have to fight an exact copy of someone you know. How do you outsmart yourself?

The Last Airbender (1977-1997) was one of the best shows ever, how is it still relevant 20 years later?

[Serious] Redditors who were the final people to know Karen, what's your story?

What is the best thing to consume immediately?