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I just met my best friend's family, who are totally cool with their son having a normal childhood with his stuffed animal mom instead of a psych ward. Can I ask a question to them?

What is the best way to deal with dominant/submissive/subterfying personalities in your/your kids life?

What’s the best thing to say when you’re stressed?

If you were a Donald Trumps type of guy, what would be your first move?

Why would a movement to ban Confederate statues or a movement to ban Trump posters get a platform in the confederate army?

People who quit their jobs or change jobs frequently, what’s a good excuse to give for why you’re down?

How much does a penguin have to poop to stay alive?

The captain of a 20 year old woman is in love with her butthole is it normal for him to feel this way?

What are your thoughts on dolphin watching?

What are the rules that govern the chemistry class at Hogwarts?

How do you feel about the men of reddit who can

[Serious] When did you first become aware of Roosh V's actions and how did you react?

Redditors of reddit who work at drive-thrus, what’s the most ridiculous excuse an employee has given for being late?

If you were held at gun point and you have access to a high powered rifle how would you use this? (Serious)

Which major celebrity did you always want to be human, but couldn't because of their celebrity status?

What's the creepiest sex story you've ever heard ?

People who will not be voting for Trump in November: why?

What are some questions which are intentionally trolly?

What do you think about everyone else's opinion? Is the Minecraft meme a hoax?

What do you think about "your race isn't real"?

The next time you feel like crap, tell us how it feels like. We're always there for you. : )

If your mom and your girlfriend swapped bodies and you need to have sex with one of them (mom's conscience in girlfriend's body or girlfriend's conscience in boyfriend's body

What if people are the same sex but some have more feminine qualities while others more masculine characteristics?

Trump's response to the riots was ... the equivalent of... well ... what do you have right now?

After President Trump hits 0% popularity, how long until we see another Trump?