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Republicans of reddit, how do you feel about the term born this way?

My friend just came in for a hair cut and he asked "What's your 'bark' smell?" I said, "It smells like gasoline." the guy just asked "What smell" what smell is "burning man smell" ... what's the coolest thing you've come across as a person?

You are now the manager of social distancing, how do you curate a good post to offend everyone's worst fears?

What’s something you have done that people always ask you about?

What was a 'million-dollar' project you started with your own money but turned into a million dollars a year job

What is something you've never learned how to do as a child?

what is an american you didnt know existed, but like really like?

What's the most overlooked movie you're a fan of?

Do you think LGBT is a choice, and if so why did you choose that lifestyle over other options?

What is a quote so powerful it needs a movie to tell it like?

So...who else wishes they had a “killing” certificate?

To the men of reddit, what are some qualities that girls seem to like?

I was at my neighbors house trying to clean up his computer for him and found a bunch of nude pictures of me. Do I freak him out? Why?

What would be the most educational video game that you’dplay?

What if someone hacked into every computer

When did your happiest moment occur?

What's your worst nightmare from the turn of the century?

How would you feel about Trump banning all Muslims from the US until our country becomes

What do you guys think of the Taylor Swift lyric "Shy, f*cker, f*cker"?

Forgive my lack of delicacy but why do white people so often fail to display a sociological imagination, make sweeping generalizations about African-Americans or other minorities, and fail to mention their obvious bigotry?

Gun loving men of reddit, what is the male version of your absolute privilege?

Gamers of Reddit - how would you spend your time if only you could?

People who are sorting by new: What are the highest or second-highest number of new post you’ve seen a new post?

Whats a song everyone in the world has wanted to hear but nobody knows the name of?

What did the “weird kid’ at your school do that was too weird?