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From: To: CC: Subject: Reddit, you are more fired than you’ve ever been.

What is the most interesting, not super deep, thing a blogger has ever written?

If 'Karen' has a son who's just a simp, how is his life?

When you watch porn, what kind do you go for?

When did you have your first period, and how did it go?

[Serious] Every

Do you think that the men who kill their wives are mentally challenged? If so how do you think they would live without the support system they have?

Death row inmates, has your execution been anything but

What are the worst personal examples of Pick-Up Artist (PUA) behavior you have ever seen?

What’s the funniest catchphrase you’ve ever heard someone say in a porno?

Redditors, why are you so sure about XKCD?

Police officers of reddit, what was the strangest encounter you've had with a black person?

If Obama won re-election and carried on Bush's policies, what will be the next administration's legacy?

whats the most idiotic thing a doctor has ever told you ?

What’s the funniest nickname you’ve received from an internet stranger?

If movies had a comment section similar to YouTube, what would the top comment be on “All Lives Matter”?

Nurses of Reddit, have you ever had a patient with a “butterfly

Swap a word from any famous person's name and see if it'll stick. What come out?

Hello internet! what yr problems can be solved by an app?

Since President Trump is impeached, what’s the best thing to say about him?

Redditors, what are the most NSFW things that you've ever shown someone?

what is the best physical or mental stimulation you've ever had?

Your Reddit Username Is Your Shoe, What Product(s) Would You Use A Shoe Based On Your Reddit Username?

Your username is your cause of death

Why do people attack other people's countries a lot? Is there something people can learn from us that other countries shouldn't be thinking about?