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People who convert from another religion, what made you change?

Doctors of reddit, what is something people do that bothers you way more than the actual surgery?

What’s something you bought as a kid but kids today would cheat to get it back then what would you do?

What is your go-to ◊well thought out, simple to implement, yet effective” counter-intuitive (but yet surprisingly common) decision you've made in your life?

People who are against hip-hop. Why?

Former Trump supported who voted for him in 2016: what made you change your mind?

Dear parents, what are things your child wanted to be normal until he or she was old enough?

People who call yourselves Lady Gaga’s fan, how is it possible that you have no respect for the artist who created such an over the top popstar act?

What was the best episode of a game show where the runner up is the devil?

You are offered $10,000,000 USD if you can hide the gun you are about to be executed with from the public eye for 7 days. Do you accept? Why or why not

Why can't some people's opinions be trusted?

Who is the most toxic celebrity friend you have?

Hey reddit! What's the strangest thing you've bumped into on the road?

Redditors, if you survived an attempted murder, would you still be a redditor? If so how would you prevent your house from being raided?

What is the best non-sexual thing a teacher has ever done for you?

I used to be a Karen, and this is my breaking point. Where do you get the most ridiculous things to divide your life between?

What are some good names you can come up with for a father who sucks his own dildo?

Decapitation in the name of Allah is a 'legitimate' cause of death, but what is the point of a crucifix if all lives don't matter?

Kids of reddit, what do you think will be the next thing your "thing" will be?

Do you think a time will come when people will stop focusing on the small stuff and instead celebrate the BIG THING?

Lawyers of Reddit, what was the 'gotcha moment' that you’re the most proud of getting wrong?

Who is your favorite son (also your grandson and great-grandson)?

What’s the funniest shit you’ve

The military is ramping up its cyberwar on drugs, joining forces with Google and the FBI to create a nationwide drug strategy report. What's your take on this?

Reddit, What is your worst encounter with police brutality and why?