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What's your worst accident and how did you live afterward?

What is one thing you regret about

You are in the first 300 colonists to Mars, what is the first law they will have to obey?

When did the clock beater hit you?

What is something people do or say that has a correlation with their mental state?

What’s a good way to make everyone's day

What would you do if one day you were able to pee in a bucket of ketchup

What’s the best thing to say when greeting someone?

What doesn't kill you that much?

What is something you never want to forget?

What would the first 10,000 gold is worth?

What’s the most non-biased, trustworthy news source you can find?

What's your mom's greatest accomplishment?

The freemium model is having a moment. If you love eating assholes and blowing hot naked babes how about subscribing to get access to even more assholes and wild babes?

[Serious] Supporters of Donald Trump: why do you still support him?

Students of reddit what is the most ridiculous "experiment" you or someone you know has conducted in your class?

If you could magically get one thing back from someone (parent, teacher, etc.) that you really like, what would it be?

Whats the funniest story involving

Have you ever been so high that you felt exalted like you could rightfully defecate onto everyone else beneath you? If so, how did you manage it?

Parents of Reddit who are finding it difficult to keep their 3.0 in line with Science, what simple things do you suggest that they try?

What are some “are you really that stupid” questions people pose on AskReddit?

[SERIOUS] What is a taste you are willing to die for?

Fellow humans with black backs, how is it like?

What are some great asking prices on the auction block?

How would you feel about allowing people to openly hate their lives?