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We all know about make-believe reality shows like Big Bang Theory, but what show would actually make a good allegory?

What do you think of "Je suis Charlie" day?

[Serious] Homophobes of Reddit, what is your story?

What good things can the next generation get from the mediocrity of the past?

Why do Trump haters still support him?

If someone stuck your penis in a can of soup what soup would it be?

You find a minute spirit gem and once in a while, something magical happens... what is it?

There is a whole genre of anime called love-driven anime, where the love interest is the same anime every single episode but the main character constantly flirts with the opposite sex. What is it about?

What about the bickering puppies does Curly Ryan find so adorable?

[Serious] Do you think a children's author should get royalties from her/his work ? Should there be a law requiring authors to earn a living from their books ?

: like a child playing on a well-known childrens game - a combination of and

What's a porn trope which you're tired of seeing repeated over and over again in your newsfeed?

Dear parents of reddit, how do you deal with your lost child, and what did you do?

What’s the most fucked up thing a medical professional has ever told you?

What the correct way to die?

What’s the most bizarre “to do' you’ve added to your repertoire”?

What is one thing you wish you could say more?

Parents of reddit, what is the nicest thing a kindergartner has ever done for you?

3. What is your opinion on GTA 5?

What does a "Boyfriend Cake" taste like?

The Punisher is rated PG-13, meaning it’s allowed to use one F-bomb. What F-bomb would it use?

What are some good ways to be positive with yourself?

To all the girls on reddit, what is the best way a guy could have handled it when he found out that you were a toxic man?

Cops of Reddit, what's the most you've seen someone else in a legal grey matter?

What’s something people miss about you that really you don’t