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What got you the closest to understanding LGBTQ characters?

What's your favourite pokemon and animal?

The passing of time makes it harder and harder to keep track of what you took notes on, so you go back and forth between notes taking and original topic of note taking. How does this compare to a blog?

Police officers of reddit: what's the funniest story you've ever heard from an officer?

The Chinese have a saying that goes "The first time is the most important time"; so what is the most important moment in your country's cultural history?

Watch how to make a lasagna in this under 25 minute video.

What was a terrible mistake you made that you regret the most and how did it make you feel afterwards?

When your new found love interest is a polar bear, what is the most romantic thing a boyfriend could say to you that you would be dumbfounded as shit?

Favourite Suck Song?

What does a banana have to do with computers?

What was the worst thing your parents told you about?

[Serious] which obscure YouTube comment do you hate the most?

You are a murderer and you have to have lunch with a family member but you have to surprise them with something special they wont expect, what is your surprise?

What is something you're proudest of that older you?

What are some of the BEST choices your parent has ever made for you?

What’s the cringiest thing you’ve ever seen in a store?

What are your opinions on Tim Cook's iPhone design?

If movies had a comment section similar to YouTube, what would the top comment be on Zombieland

To all the redditors who are so racist against american aussies, how do you justify it?

What should there never will be another Kanye West and why?

If your mom and your girlfriend swapped bodies and you still have them in the game what would you do?

You accidentally sneeze on somebody's butt, they get angry and start hitting things, what’s your first move?

What is the most badass thing your friend did to you?

Gamers of Reddit what was your best (positive) election result?

What is something you would want to apologize to your mom for?