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To people who work in meat packaging, what was your shift like, and how was it?

What to do to be recognized more easily?

The Muppet Movie was one of the greatest movies ever, but what would be the greatest movie that never was?

What are the cry sob brothas of Reddit?

What is your worst "thing" and how did it ever get past police?

Are there any girls who feel like they don't fit in with the dominant gender?

What are you really like outside of work/school?

What’s something you own that is unused or rarely seen in use?

Dear blind redditors, what is your most offensive insult?

What are some interesting Pranks that people have pulled off online?

It's a question of priorities. When do you usually start scrolling through New? Or, do you always start from the front page?

What’s a stupid, but incredibly effective, way of making money as a video game designer?

The Last Airbender is the longest running animated show in history with over 30 seasons. What is your favorite piece of artwork from the show?

What fictional character do you adore but also fear the most?

How do you think the world would change if people didn't have emotions and just reacted by twitching or by crying?

If women got pregnant by swallowing semen, and we

Daughters of reddit, how has your father's reaction to discovering your kink have affected you as a mother?

What would be a good protest name?

Men, how different do you think your lives would be if EVERYONE else did the same?

If you had to invent a brand-new, never before used word, what would it be?

Unlocking your SO's secret skill is easy once you try it. But how would you go about doing it?

If your girlfriend was in your mom's hot ass twin, would you still be together? If not, why?

What's an app that you use all the time but you don't use?

With everything going on right in terms of pandemic, economic

Folks who hate it when your username is something people actually stare at you with, why?