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Fire fighters fighting a one-man show, what’s the difference in the professional and amateur worlds?

Why the Fuck Did You Do That?

What are the odds of getting a 2nd chance at life?

Parents of reddit, what is the worst thing your child has said or done in the name of religion/belief?

No One Likes a Hentai

Fans who worked on show borked by Shrek 2.5, what was it like working on the show and what would you do if you were the writer?

People who claim to be mature and have attained the status of a leader, what are you doing as a 17 year old?

What's the most annoying thing you did, and why did you do it?

Dear Librarians of Reddit, what did a good librarian once tell you, that you still remember?

My father's been an abusive alcoholic for 25 yrs now and my mom's been an equally as bad for the last 12. Do you think he would support me and what would my father's reaction be if I abused him like he has?

How will it be in 2019?

Fuck, I feel like crying...

If you were immortal and couldn't get injured/sick/saved/whatever else by any means, what would you do?

What is something that your parents made you believe in?

If someone lost their virginity, what should be the last thing they do?

What simple mistake have you made in life?

What do you do when someone, for whatever reason, no longer wants to be your friend?

People with birthmarks: how do you feel about them, do you look good with them or is it just plain embarrassment?

What is the biggest screwup you made growing up?

You're a submarine and you must stop the titanic from transforming into the giant toilet paper roll. How do you do this?

Nurses of reddit, have you ever had a patient with

Liberals and conservatives of reddit, what is the difference in your mindsets?

Ladies of Reddit, what makes you instantly want to have sex with your username?

Non-Americans, what would Americans be doing right now

Babysitters of Reddit, have you ever had a situation where your son/daughter accused you of being a "creep"? If so, what happened?