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Parents, what is your “weird kid’s’ behaviour that you are embarrassed by?

If your friends marry someone famous (ie. your high five your pal pal marries someone famous) do you feel bad for them?

What was the 'Back to the Future' of your childhood?

What "dead" celebrity do you think has a happy ending?

What's the dumbest thing a doctor has ever told you?

What was the best childhood nickname you ever got?

[Serious] what is the most surprising thing you have ever seen in a bathroom?

Whats your oldest memory from your

People of Reddit, what would your parents complain about right now?

What do you do if a psychic told you “I've seen it all before”?

How can you get your girlfriend/boyfriend to stop fingering your ass while you're asleep?

If you could become any animal for a day what animal would you be and why?

What was the funniest thing a police officer said?

Racist of reddit, what's the most racist thing someone has said or done to you?

People of Reddit who were raped, how was it?

When did we stop loving America?

Ladies, how often do you get horny just thinking about a guy?

[Serious] How would you feel about a requirement that for every baby boomer who is born, at least one baby boomer has to undergo some kind of military service?

What is your experience of finding someone on reddit that understands Hindi ?

Dear Americans, why are you laughing when i tell you the origin story of my crush?

You're a burglar but instead of stealing things, you leave something utterly ridiculous - what do you leave?

What are some amazing things you have seen in your

Rape culture is everywhere, but some people won't face it. What's your story?

If you were asked to pick one thing from all of fiction which would you pick?

To those of us in America why are yall protesting like we're from another country?