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Black and Brown Americans of Reddit: what are your stories of overcoming racism?

Transgenders of reddit, what is your best sex advice?

What is the best reaction to "we're not real"?

What are some things that have happened in your life?

What did you really like eating as a child?

What was something that you didn't realise was normal until you got older?

If someone was going to ‘rest’ day, why should it also be a time to "come back stronger"?

What is something a lot of people think about you but don't actually do?

you are now a virus, your job is to spread as many as possible, what is the first thing you do?

You're having sex and the person after you is having sex, what unique thing makes it different than most people's sex?

Where would you drop the world's first "Who shot JFK?" trivia round?

We're almost there, and we're about to be killed. What’s the last thing you want?

Americans, what is the most 'white' thing a cop has ever done to you?

What is the one moment you have where you saw the potential in someone and pushed yourself to be better?

What is the most creative way someone has gotten your attention?

What is the best thing about life?

I offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Ramblin' Romper Joe … but if anyone knows his identity, I want to know.

What is something about your country that you are actually proud to be American?

In the movie "The Sixth Sense", someone saw a person's butt crack a beer can and the person immediately assumes the can is real. What do you think would happen if someone figured out the can was a fakes?

What can the world stand in solidarity with right now?

What's something you can say during sex but can also say at a family dinner?

Americans: how has your coke habit affected your view of the USA?

How would you feel about making college tuition free for people who are currently on public assistance?

What’s the best way/place/thing to meet cute people?

What does a wholesome after-dinner snack taste like?