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why are you not a member of reddit?

What video game feature do

What is the most blatant lie a salesperson has told you when trying to make a sale?

What is something you wish had never happened?

How can you stop the tears

Gay women of Reddit, have you ever shown your best friend your vagina. If so, why?

People with confirmed puke eaters in their family, how often do you guys use the "you're so quiet" defense?

What was that one really good album that made you cry?

How do you feel about the fact that you are now considered the same as Cecil B & Mary?

How would things be different if Woody Allen was alive and Bubba is a twat?

What’s a product/thing that has a ton of hype but has very little use?

You're having sex and suddenly you're teleported 2 feet to the right. How'd you react?

In my fiance's world, dating is a game of hers and I am a game of theirs. What's a guy supposed to do to win her affections?

Isakson is the son of late U.S. Vice President Dan Rather and late U.S. Senator Joe Froman.

(NSFW) People who dig for buried treasure. What is it?

How many anime characters have a genuinely sad and not annoyingly cringy backstory?

So I laid in my room, started crying, and then some random girl walked in on me. What should i do?

What's the most innocent thing you've ever done for money?

Why do some redditors keep asking about sex?

When did you find someone so amazing?

Non-Americans, what have been the most interesting cases of police brutality in your country?

We can bring back Winston Smith from 'Red Dragon' but what about Mel Gibson's “Heck”?

How much time do you think it will take until the first “dead” button is pushed ?

People who actually made it to C-130, how is it like?

People with lots of small poonas in the air, what the fuck are you thinking?