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What was the best way/place you “lived happily ever after”?

What is your favourite memory from the Minecraft universe?

It is 90 days to 4/20/20. What do you think you'll do?

Don't worry kids, I wouldn't do that. Why?

Cops of reddit, how can we as a community come together and not feel isolated and hate police for the tragic events that they are forced to respond to every day?

People who had sexual relations with animals as a child, how old were you?

What is your favourite piece of literature which is actually a well-written story?

What everyday thing has a second use you have that most people probably don’t use?

Haters of Reddit, what's your reason for not giving a f*ck about people's opinions anymore?

What are some amazing small town names that would be perfect for a fictional town?

As a Brit who was told I could do with no explanation why other people couldn't either, how do you explain the passion that runs through

People from who you watch shows with in the 80's music?

Have you ever lost the will to live and if so what happened?

What would you do if, instead of eating lunch in the cafeteria, you made lunch in the living room with porn stars?

What's the most bullshit “fact” you can make up about another person?

Would you ever share your life with a celebrity? What would you share?

If you had a movie title that immediately recognized your name as the title, what would it be?

What was the most immature thing a kid did that you felt bad about?

People of reddit with a photographic memory, what was that like before you had it?

What would you do if you find out a person that you thought was out of your league suddenly has equal social standing as you?

If one day you woke up and the room in which you currently reside was a room, what would the opening words of the song be?

If someone lost their virginity, how do they get it back?

How would you feel about a profession where when you die you're cremated but before you go you get smothered in flames?

People who had Down Syndrome, what was it like growing up?

When did you find it?